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8 Quick Tips for Greenhouse Care in Winter

Gardening under cover is one of our favourite topics... you might have guessed that. We've prepared our 8 top tips that you can use one sunny winter afternoon (we've got our fingers crossed too!) to get your greenhouse prepped and ready for winter.Colder temperatures, frosts, and moisture can all have a damaging effect on less hardy varieties. That's why we have put together this quick checklist o…

Things to do in the garden in October!

Inside knowledge, how to gain an edge, we all are looking for ways to get more from less.Gardening and horticulture are certainly no exception, we all want to know how to get sweeter toms or larger marrows, or what the secret is to growing all year long!With this in mind we’re pleased to introduce you to Dennis! He is our local garden professional and allotment guru.We’re lucky enough to hav…