Norfolk Greenhouses are available in two; SPACESAVER and ULTIMATE models.

The frames are identical in material (galvanised steel) but differ in size.

Why change a good idea that has worked well over the last 40 years? This cost-effective covering is heat retaining, ultra-violet stabilised, clear as glass and so safe.

The ULTIMATE Greenhouse models are clad in glass clear panels of semi-rigid sheet cut to size, with 5 year guarantee against deterioration.  Like flexible PVC has the same heat retention, ultra violet stabilisation, and safety properties, but looks even more like glass.  Benefits of plastic greenhouse coverings can be found in our blog.

The cut to size panels are easily clipped to the frame with attractive green trim eliminating all those clips normally used.

In addition ULTIMATE Greenhouses have translucent twin wall roofing panels for added insulation and direct sunlight protection.

If space is tight, or you are looking for a small unit for your propagation needs, then our Spacesaver Range could be just what you are looking for!

We also stock and sell a great range of Greenhouse accessories, from Staging, Heaters, Vents and Guttering Kits.

We have all parts available on our spare parts page if you're looking to spruce up your existing Norfolk Greenhouse!