How to clean a greenhouse

Posted by Alix Francis on 11th Oct 2017

There will come a time when a little bit of cleaning and maintenance is required for your greenhouse. It’s not everyone’s favourite job but it’s a job that needs doing. It helps to prevent diseases, fungus and other pests from growing and causing havoc throughout the greenhouse.Plants and veggies need a good growing environment and all the sunshine they can get, especially in winter months. It’s essential you keep your greenhouse cleaned, maintained and in good shape. Try to look at this as a fantastic opportunity to reorganise your greenhouse and get everything ready for busier months.
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Greenhouse Gardening – Tips & Tricks

Posted by Alix Francis on 25th Sep 2017

So, you’ve purchased a greenhouse, great! Now what?Knowing where to begin can be a little disheartening, there is so much to learn and thousands of articles on the internet to delve into, it can be a little overwhelming knowing where to start first.That's why we put together these greenhouse gardening tips and tricks to help get you started.Once you have constructed your greenhouse, the next thing you will need to think about is what you are going to grow.Depending on what you are going to grow will essentially be the deciding factor of how you will set your greenhouse up.Buy a thermometer
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3 advantages of having a plastic greenhouse

Posted by Alix Francis on 13th Sep 2017

In recent years, it has become more and more popular to grow your own fruit, veggies and plants. People are shifting away from the shops and are wanting to grow their organic produce in an extended growing area which is protected from the weather and pests.A great option for an extended growing area is a greenhouse, greenhouses provide hundreds of benefits but when it comes to buying a greenhouse, we are spoilt for choice. There are so many on the market which are either plastic or glass ranging from low to high, it’s hard to know what will be the most beneficial, cost effective greenho
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​Small space vegetable gardening ideas

Posted by Alix Francis on 22nd Aug 2017

If you have been thinking about starting a vegetable garden but are worried you don’t have the space for it, we’ve put together a few ideas on how you can utilise a small space for vegetable gardening.Setting up your own little vegetable garden offers many benefits, not only will you have fresh produce to harvest every month, you will also reap the benefits of growing what you like to eat, saving money, healthier food options and so much more.One of the biggest keys to success with your veggie garden is making good plant choices. Sow plants which are productive and don’t take up too much
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​Growing vegetables in a greenhouse for beginners

Posted by Alix Francis on 15th Aug 2017

It’s exciting when you begin to explore the opportunities that are available for growing plants or vegetables in a greenhouse.Whether you have toyed with the idea or you’re ready to jump in and start, we’ve put together a basic guide for growing vegetables in a greenhouse for beginners.Buying a greenhouseThere are thousands of greenhouses to choose from and the choice is entirely yours, however, if you are new to gardening or greenhouses, perhaps consider choosing a smaller one to begin with.You could start with an Ultimate Spacesaver Greenhouse, a small, manageable greenhouse ide
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